Monday, April 18, 2011

Wise Words From Sports Announcers

It's the NBA playoffs, and I enjoy watching basketball quite a bit. However there is one thing that just ruins a lot of the great moments. The Announcers. First, they don't help anything, and all they do is hop on and off the bandwagon. It doesn't matter who's winning or who's losing, they will root for the team that is winning. They will be talking about how great the team that is winning is, and how terrible the other team is playing, but the second they change places they start talking about how the now losing team has been playing terrible the whole game. They constantly contradict themselves. However, the things they say during the game make the announcers tolerable. For example, this past saturday was the first day of the playoffs (so naturally I disregarded my chores and watched basketball all day) and it was just full of memorable quotes such as:
"If you want to win a game, you're going to have to score more points than the other team."
"When you're playing a best of seven series, the only way to win the series is to win four games."
"You're not going to score any points if you don't get the ball in the basket."
"You're going to get beat if you let the other team score more points than you."
Umm... DUH!!!
I'm not even close to a sports expert, but come on, two year olds can tell you that you're going to lose if the other team makes more points.
It makes me think more about what I'm thinking of saying before I just say it. Because I don't want to sound stupid, or mean. I'm very guilty of the later however. A lot of the times I forget to think about what I'm saying, and I just let it slip out. So I'm trying to correct this significant defect, and focus more on encouragement and love. Instead of sarcasm and hate.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

English Class and My Niece

I'm currently in my english class. I'm listening to a book on tape during our AR time, but since I got all the points I needed almost 12 weeks ago, I'm kinda just chillin'. So I'm sitting here, playing Words With Friends with the guy two rows away. This is a very productive class, that is obviously why I'm blogging.
Now we're all comparing the words that we have played on other people in our games.

Now I shall blog about my time with my sister.

8 days ago I drove up to my sisters house to go spend part of spring break with her.
We went to the children's museum and saw a ton of famous movie costumes, such as Indiana Jones' leather jacket, the Wicked Witches' hat, George Clooney's batman suit, AND ONE OF I CARLY'S OUTFITS!!!!! Yeah, it was random.
We also went to Buffalo Wild Wings, and it was half price wing day! So we sat there for a few hours eating wings and watching baseball games.
We watched several movies, and of course Nathan and I played our video games. Because no trip to Kacey's would be complete without this.
We went to the dollar theater and saw True Grit, the Coen Brothers are amazing, 'nuff said.
It was a great trip, and it was a lot of fun to see that part of my family again, even if my niece was teething and didn't like me.